Research promotes Innovation

Upper Austrian Research GmbH (UAR) is the leading organization for non-university research of the federal province of Upper Austria and a key player in the research, technology and innovation policy. With its associated companies UAR promotes innovative solutions at the crossroads where fundamental research meets applied research and provides access to top-quality R&D capacities.

31. August 2022

LKR: MAST3RBoost: Innovative Hydrogen Tanks to Aid Decarbonization in the Transport Sector

MAST3RBoost (Maturing the Production Standards of Ultraporous Structures for High Density Hydrogen Storage Bank Operating on Swinging Temperatures and Low Compression) is a European project that aims to create an industry-ready solution for storing H2 at cryogenic temperatures (~-180 °C) and under compression (100 bar) by developing a new generation of ultraporous storage materials (activated carbons/ACs and metal-organic framework compounds/MOFs) for hydrogen-powered vehicles (road, rail, air and water transport).


30. August 2022

WOOD K PLUS: From Primary School to a FEMTech Internship

Wood K plus has been engaged in gender activities for many years with the aim of promoting girls and young women. These activities include mentoring young (female) talents, the annual “Girls Day”, the annual “Science4 Girls” and summer internships through the FEMTech programme for high school and tertiary level female students. Since 2011, 69 students and 38 high school pupils have taken part in this work experience.


22. June 2022

SCCH: A Scientist for a Few Hour

How does a computer “learn” and how can this process be exploited? Can artificial intelligence do art? Children are inquisitive and often ask tricky questions. They want to understand the world they live in, a world which is becoming increasingly digitized. At the “kids’ uni” in Hagenberg, Software Competence Center Hagenberg (SCCH) took young researchers on a digital journey, providing many answers, especially to questions about artificial intelligence, in a way the children could understand.