Research promotes Innovation

Upper Austrian Research GmbH (UAR) is the leading organization for non-university research of the federal province of Upper Austria and a key player in the research, technology and innovation policy. With its associated companies UAR promotes innovative solutions at the crossroads where fundamental research meets applied research and provides access to top-quality R&D capacities.

10. November 2021

SAL: Are you still waiting, or are you already innovating?

Surely you know this: You have the ultimate idea for solving a central problem and want to open up new market opportunities, strengthen your market position and overtake your competitors with an innovation. Yes? Then you probably also know from your own experience that the path to funding consumes an essential resource: time! Time that the market does not give you. Time that you will miss for essential business activities.


10. September 2021

“HRbert” - For Innovative & Sustainable HR Management

Human resources management is a key factor in any company’s success. To underline its importance still further, the Upper Austrian business agency Business Upper Austria launched the “HRbert”, an award for innovative and sustainable HR management in Upper Austria. 


07. September 2021

RISC Software: Avoiding Production Errors Using Data Analysis and Machine Learning

How can an overall view and a better understanding of manufacturing operations be achieved by recognizing causal connections and identifying manufacturing errors? RISC Software GmbH explored this question together with the two companies FILL Gesellschaft m. b. H. and Nemak GmbH on a three-year research project, “Boost 4.0”.