30. September 2019

Awards Ceremony for Foto Challenge 2019 – OÖ Forschung im Bild

Awards Ceremony FOTO CHALLENGE 2019 – OÖ Forschung im Bild
Date: 30.09.2019, 17:00
Place: Palais Kaufmännischer Verein Linz, Landstraße 49, 4020 Linz

As part of the FOTO CHALLENGE 2019 - OÖ Forschung im Bild, three photographers were selected via a call issued by the Prager school of photography. At research institutions and company development labs, these photographers will create photo series dealing with three research fields.

The best photos will be awarded at a festive Awards Ceremony on 30.09.2019 from 17:00. The evening event takes place as part of the OÖ Zukunftsforum 2019 – Wirtschaft & Technologie in the Palais Kaufmännischer Verein, Linz. The three-day event OÖ Zukunftsforum 2019 is also the scene of an exhibition of selected pictures from the photo series "OÖ Forschung im Bild".

All participants are invited to vote for their favorite photo, which will be awarded at the OÖ Zukunftsforum as well. Registration for the OÖ Zukunftsforum 2019 is possible soon. If you would like to register in advance or just for the Awards Ceremony FOTO CHALLENGE 2019, you can do so at www.foto-challenge.at/preisverleihung. The participation in the evening event is free.

Registration Awards Ceremony Foto Challenge 2019  (German form only)

OÖ Zukunftsforum 2019 – Wirtschaft & Technologie - More information and registration (registration for Awards Ceremony as well)