31. December 2021

LCM: Virtual Exploration of the World of Mechatronics (ON DEMAND)

Even in times of restrictions on visits and personal contact, the world of mechatronics can be discovered in real time. The LCM marketing team has developed a virtual guided tour of the company. The hour-long expedition starts in the virtual foyer of LCM in the Science Park of the Johannes Kepler University in Linz.

A personal and knowledgeable guide then takes visitors through a wide variety of labs and offices. The tour is accompanied by numerous videos, photos and commentaries that allow a look behind the scenes, as it were. Should any questions remain unanswered, experts from all of LCM’s fields of work can be consulted at short notice to answer them.

“The principal consideration when devising the virtual tour was the importance of maintaining personal contact with our visitors,” says Manfred Reiter, head of sales at LCM, emphasizing a central objective of the tour. “That’s why the itinerary is changed every time to suit the individual visitor and we can accommodate our guests’ wishes very flexibly even while the tour is in progress.”

Originally, the tour was only intended as a response to the Coronavirus restrictions but it has since shown its tremendous potential: the initial contact, getting to know each other personally and delving into the world of digital product development has suddenly become very easy.

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