22. September 2017

Upper Austrian Science Talk: How research in Upper Austria is helping to protect the seas

The exhibition “SEAS AND OCEANS. DISCOVER. EXPLOIT. PROTECT.” on MS Wissenschaft raises awareness of the importance of protecting the oceans and exploiting them in a sustainable way — without exhausting or polluting them. But can research in Upper Austria really make a significant contribution to sustainable protection of the seas?

The Upper Austrian SCIENCE TALK focuses on this question. The SCIENCE TALK takes place on 22/09/2017 during the visit of MS Wissenschaft in Linz and is organized by Upper Austrian Research GmbH, the leading company for research in the province of Upper Austria. In a discussion featuring leading experts from the Upper Austrian research community, modern approaches to solutions will be examined and innovative research projects presented which can make a significant contribution to curbing ocean acidification through CO2 and the pollution of the seas with plastic. The experts’ discussion will focus on the following topics:

RESEARCH2REDUCE: Innovative concepts in the energy and logistics sectors for sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions and efficient use of resources

DESIGN4RECYCLING: High-performance recycling methods, new approaches to product design with the aim of optimum recyclability and innovative alternatives to plastics