23. March 2021

Upper Austrian Zukunftsforum 2021




Humans as the Focus for Artificial Intelligence
23 – 24 March 2021

voestalpine Stahlwelt
voestalpine-Straße 4
4020 Linz

In 2030 Upper Austria will be a model region for human-centred artificial intelligence (AI) – artificial intelligence that serves, supports and focuses on humans. Upper Austria’s economic and research policy will be pursuing this clear vision until 2030.

At the Upper Austrian Zukunftsforum (future forum) 2021 you will get to know technologies that will guide us into this not-too-distant future: algorithms that help us use energy and other resources more efficiently – in production as well as in construction and in our homes. Artificial intelligence that is not just a co-driver in our cars but controls entire mobility systems. And intelligent assistance systems that complement us humans in the factory and in the hospital.

Leading experts accompany us on this journey into the future. Come and join us!

As a participant in this event you can rest assured that every precaution is taken to ensure that you are completely protected during the time you spend with us.