Upper Austrian Research GmbH
Lead company for research
of the federal province of Upper Austria

Our Mission is Innovation

Upper Austrian Research GmbH (UAR) is the lead company for research of the federal province of Upper Austria and as such a key player in research, technology and innovation (FTI) policy. Since it was founded, UAR has pursued one central mission: to offer practical support to the R&D activities of companies and business that are actively engaged in innovation as a strong research partner.

Strategic Ideas to Promote Innovation

The province of Upper Austria has set itself ambitious targets with its business and research strategy #upperVISION2030. As the lead company for research, UAR provides practical support to the Upper Austrian government’s work with regard to research policy and plays a central role in defining a research strategy that points the way forward and in continuing to expand the areas of expertise covered by research institutes in the province. With its research work, the UAR Innovation Network supports the ongoing implementation of the strategic programme and the lighthouse projects defined within it.

Strategic Support of Cooperative Research

In conjunction with business and industry, as well as with partners from science and research, the UAR Innovation Network conducts research on new and innovative products, processes and services. UAR serves as a hub for strategic cooperative research projects and, among other functions, plays a central role in the national research programme COMET (Competence Center for Excellent Technologies). UAR provides practical support with project development and the establishment of competence centres and ensures their ongoing structural development.

Establishing High Quality Standards

As the lead company for research and a holding company, UAR exercises its rights and obligations as a company owner as well as executive and supervisory functions within the UAR Innovation Network with the greatest diligence and serves as an intermediary between the companies and the Upper Austrian government. In its support and management of public research organizations, UAR ensures that the highest quality, governance and fiscal standards are met in non-university research and at the same time promotes the establishment and ongoing expansion of research facilities in Upper Austria.

Focused Networking of RTI Institutions

UAR carries out initiatives specifically aimed at linking Upper Austria’s research nationally and internationally with leading drivers of innovation and is an active member of important associations and networks. In these, UAR represents the interests of Upper Austria as a research location and acts as an initiator and intermediary for interdisciplinary cooperative projects with actors outside the province. In this way, UAR promotes cooperation in ongoing projects and, subsequently, the joint setting-up of cooperative research projects.

Making Innovation Visible

UAR fulfils its role as lead company for research in Upper Austria by pursuing a policy of active communication. One of UAR’s key tasks is positioning Upper Austria as a research region and raising the profile of research competencies and the most important providers of these in the province both nationally and internationally. In addition to this, activities and initiatives are regularly carried out to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of research to society and to deepen this awareness in the long term.