15. December 2021

PROFACTOR: Master Thesis - Automated measurement on textiles

Master Thesis – Automated measurement on textiles

Recycling of textiles is a very important task. The project EnZaTex aims to improve the overall recycling process of textiles. The machine vision group at Profactor is looking for a master's degree student to perform his/her thesis in the field of automated detection of measure-ment points on textiles, as basis for spectroscopy measurement.
The aim is, to use a pre-setup laboratory test stand and take images of textiles. Based on these images different machine learning algo-rithms should be developed and evaluated concerning the ability to detect possible measurement points for the spectroscopy. This means for instance, to recognize button, zips or damaged parts of the textile as well as even points to carry out the subsequent measurement appropriately.

Your tasks

  • Planning and building of the laboratory Test stand (incl. sensors, cameras and illumination)
  • Gathering images from sample textiles
  • Development of a an automated machine learning algorithm for the detection of optimal measurement points
  • Documentation in the form of reports and a publication ready document

We are looking for

  • Knowledge in machine learning
  • Knowledge in machine vision
  • Familiarity with one of the deep neural network frameworks (e.g. tensorflow/keras, pytorch)
  • Experience in python programming language


  • Trainings
  • Flexible working hours
  • Teamwork
  • Parking places
  • Health measures
  • Employee events
  • Fruits
  • Sport events

Now / 7 months Our

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We offer for master thesis a compensation of min. 465 EUR per month.

We are looking forward to your application preferred online or send your application to: personal@profactor.at

Questions? please contact: DI Daniela Kirchberger , daniela.kirchberger@profactor.at, +43 7252 885 319

You will find further details in the master project description.


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