PROFACTOR: Three Dimensions of Sustainable Efficiency

© iStock/halepak
© iStock/halepak

Resource-efficient production thanks to artificial intelligence

The Zero3 project goes beyond the zero-defect manufacturing approach to focus on the most efficient use of the three most important production parameters: resources, people and data. The project has the initial objective of creating a reliable and up-to-date database of all the value streams in companies. A sustainability monitoring platform is being developed to enable companies to identify bottlenecks across value streams and potential areas for optimization. In addition, recommendations for specific action will help to plan production that is sustainable, human-centred and economical.

Cooperation with leading partners from industry

To achieve this, PROFACTOR is working in use cases to develop and evaluate implementation solutions with the aim of bringing significant improvements to productivity and sustainability in industrial practice. For example, energy and media flows are to be optimized using artificial intelligence in order to increase the potential for saving resources and using them efficiently. Another objective is sustainable, scalable production concepts in the realm of human-machine collaboration. On this project, which has a budget of EUR 4.8 million, PROFACTOR is collaborating with leading companies from industry such as BMW Motors, Fabasoft, FACC, STIWA and TIGER Coatings. The sustainability monitoring platform will provide industry with an important tool for comprehensively evaluating the resource efficiency of all value streams and their interaction. SCCH is also involved in this project.