13. July 2015

COMET: 13/07/2015 - The 4th Call for K1 Centres Starts

On 13 July 2015, the fourth call for K1 centres under the COMET funding programme of the FFG begins. K1 centres conduct high-quality research on which science and industry collaborate.

The programme segment "K1 centres" aims to initiate high-quality research of mid- to long-term duration and involving science and industry. K1 centres carry out high-level research and focus on scientific-technological developments and innovations with regard to future-relevant markets. The call is aimed at existing competence centres and competence projects as well as at new consortiums in which science and industry cooperate. The call is run as a competitive process.

The COMET (Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies) programme for competence centres comprises three segments (K2 centres, K1 centres and K projects). The defining criteria for each segment are the level of performance, the level of public funding and the duration.