25. March 2020

COMET: Deadline Extended of 8th Call for Entries of COMET Projects

Due to the current corona crisis the deadline for submitting COMET projects under the 8th call of 21 April 2020 has been extended to 23 June 2020, 12 p.m. To adhere to the original plan to hold the judges’ conference on 10/11 November 2020 and to aid the recruitment of expert assessors, consortiums are asked to send in a short description of their project using eCall by 21 April 2020.

Corresponding information will be sent to the contact persons already registered on eCall and displayed on the FFG website.

The deadline of the 8th call for entries of “COMET projects” has been extended to 23/06/2020, 12:00 CET.

To facilitate selection of expert assessors in good time an instructive abstract is to be submitted via eCall by 21/04/2020. Please provide the following information:

  1. Complete the tab “Project data” in eCall (does not apply to: Project list). Please ensure that your abstract contains all relevant information. Answers to the following questions must be given (no more than 4,000 characters):
    Objectives: What is the motivation to carry out the COMET-Project (initial situation, scientific-technological challenges …)?
    Methods: How do you plan to realise the objectives of your proposed research (e.g. methods, approaches, models/tools chosen)?
    Results: What are the expected main results?
  2. Upload Annex 3: CVs and Publications
  3. The prospective project partners must enter their details in eCall alongside the main application by 21/04/2020.

The full application must be submitted no later than 23/06/2020. The assessors’ committee will sit as planned in November 2020.

Please contact the contact point in the relevant province directly for information on extensions of the Core Form deadline or other schedules specific to that province.

The aim of COMET projects is to conduct high-quality research as part of the cooperation between science and industry with mid-term goals and clearly defined topics that have potential for future development. COMET projects help launch new product, process and service innovations. COMET projects allow new consortiums and topics access to the COMET scheme.