11. June 2019

COMET: Three K modules for UAR Innovation Network

The results of the first K module call under the COMET research funding scheme are in. Three of the six approved innovation projects come from the UAR Innovation Network. In Upper Austria, SCCH continues to break new ground in research into artificial intelligence. In two K modules, PCCL is developing polymer materials for both the digital age and hydrogen technology.

This latest addition to the COMET research funding programme – K modules – enables existing K1 centres to tackle subjects of supreme relevance for the future. Thanks to the high level of subsidy that amounts to 80 per cent of the costs, a total budget of approximately EUR 4 million per approved project and a duration of four years, many new research avenues can be explored.

The research work done by Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH (SCCH) as part of the K module “S³AI: Security and Safety for Shared Artificial Intelligence” focuses on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and aims to enable safe and cooperative use of AI models beyond the confines of individual companies. In future, this should lead to entirely new AI-based business models.

In two K modules, Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH (PCCL) is focusing on the development of innovative polymer materials. These materials are on the one hand polymer materials that are equipped for the digital age and make it possible to produce complex components using 3D printing. On the other, research is being done into highly stable polymer materials capable of withstanding extreme pressure for use in hydrogen technology.