04. December 2017

Focus Cooperation: UAR Researchers Visit INOCON Technologie GmbH

On 29 November 2017, representatives of non-university research institutions visited the technology company INOCON. The purpose of the visit was a discussion on specific topics relating to the future and research skills with a view to exploring possible areas of cooperation.

Research brings innovation – a conviction also shared by Fritz Pesendorfer, CEO of INOCON. “As a technology enterprise we are extremely interested in establishing contacts with particular research companies in our region and discussing technological developments and the companies’ professional expertise with them,” says Pesendorfer. “This can lead to good opportunities for cooperation.”

Upper Austrian Research GmbH (UAR), the leading company for non-university research in Upper Austria, took advantage of this interest to organize a visit of researchers from Upper Austria to INOCON with the support of the Upper Austria Automotive Cluster. Representatives of 4 research institutions selected for their fields of research took the opportunity offered by the meeting to explain their research expertise to the technology company, and an in-depth discussion was held of topics relating to the future and the company’s R&D priorities. The visit allowed each side to gain deep insights into the technological know-how of the other.

The meeting was organized with a clear objective: the strategic networking of centres of excellence from science and industry. This exchange on specific subjects laid the first foundations of potential cooperation on the development of technologies of the future. The examples of practical application cited revealed many specific starting points for such cooperation. During the lively discussion, many topics were noted down that should be explored more deeply in the future. In the coming months, the most promising project ideas will be defined more precisely with a view to possible cooperation. The structured preparation of the meeting by UAR in conjunction with the Upper Austria Automotive Cluster enabled the businesslike and focused organization of an efficient meeting in only a few hours that should lead to cooperative projects.

INOCON Technologie GmbH is based in Attnang Puchheim and has over 20 years’ experience of plasma technology. The company has developed numerous applications of plasma for soldering and welding and, based on its experience of plasma hardening, has put them into practice with great success. Among its loyal customers are Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, PSA and Renault. For several years now the company has been developing many applications in the field of atmospheric plasma coating. The layers applied are micro- and nano-layers that serve as strip conductors or adhesion or anti-adhesion layers on sensitive surfaces such as paper, plastic, glass, ceramics and wood.

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Photo, left to right: Hannes Fachberger (Bereichsleitung Profactor), Ulfried Pirker (Business Development CEST), Peter Burgholzer (GF RECENDT), Florian Danmayr (Projektmanager Automobilcluster), Christoph Burgstaller (GF TCKT), Fritz Pesendorfer (CEO INOCON), Wolfgang Stadlbauer (Technologie/Strategie UAR), Patrick Willner (CEO INOCON), Norica Godja (Area Managerin CEST), Phillip Stögmüller (techn. Entwicklung INOCON);