23. November 2017

Highest hygiene standards in food production

RECENDT GmbH is a partner in the newly founded food research centre FFoQSI (feed & food quality, safety and innovation). At this centre, a new measuring instrument will be developed in the coming years to enable straightforward and rapid detection of hazardous contamination in areas where food and feed are processed. With modern methods of infrared spectroscopy, production of a cost-effective hand-held appliance for mobile use in trade and industry will be possible.

Safe foodstuffs thanks to FFoQSI

The FFoQSI research centre, in which numerous Austrian companies are involved along with the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, the Upper Austria Food Cluster (Business Upper Austria) and RECENDT GmbH, begins operations. Until 2020, research work in the field of FFoQSi (feed & food quality, safety and innovation) will be performed.

Highest hygiene standards in production thanks to simple detection of risk factors
In food production, maintaining the very highest standards of quality, hygiene and safety is paramount. To guarantee this, regular checks and tests, which are often extremely time-consuming and require laboratory conditions, must be carried out during the production process. In the course of the research conducted by the Competence Centre FFoQSI, RECENDT is developing a modern hand-held infrared device to detect the formation of harmful biofilms in production environments. The device illuminates surfaces like a torch and scans them. With the data obtained it is possible to determine very quickly whether any contamination has occurred and any risk factors have emerged.

This is just one of the innovations of the FFoQSI research centre in which RECENDT is involved as a scientific partner. The centre’s research work encompasses the entire value creation chain in the food and feed sector, from raw material production to food processing and packaging. 

The FFoQSi Competence Centre – become a partner!

All the preparatory work has now been completed and all contracts signed for the competence centre, which opened officially in March 2017. All the necessary parameters are now in place for the start of operations. In the research programme that has been finalized for the first phase until 2020, work will be done on solutions to research questions relevant to food-processing companies under the guiding principle of “integrated research from the field to the plate”.

The FFoQSI network still has room for new partners and your particular interests in product research and quality assurance can be taken into account easily and unbureaucratically. Contact RECENDT GmbH and we’ll put you in touch with the network!

For more information on the competence centre, visit: www.ffoqsi.at