18. November 2014

15th Anniversary of the COMET K1 Competence Centre SCCH

l-r: Dr. Peter Hamberger, Dr. Peter Burgholzer, Mag.a Kathrin Kühtreiber-Leitner, Dr. Gustav Pomberger, Dr. Erich Peter Klement, Dr. Klaus-Dieter Schewe, Dr. Wilfried Enzenhofer, Dr. Klaus Pirklbauer, LR Mag.a Doris Hummer, Dr. Richard Hagelauer

On 13/11/2014 the Software Competence Center Hagenberg held its birthday party at the amsec Impuls in Hagenberg. The Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH is one of Austria's biggest independent research centres in the software sector. Since its foundation in 1999 it has focused on application-oriented research in the Softwarepark Hagenberg.

"Only recently the SCCH was once again confirmed as a COMET K1 competence centre for the period 2015-2018," explained Upper Austrian research minister Doris Hummer. "The SCCH and the Softwarepark Hagenberg are a prime example of a chain of innovation that works well. At the software park, research, education and industry can develop their unique innovative potential. One of the SCCH's current main research topics is production research - Industry 4.0."

More than 60 researchers from the fields of informatics and mathematics work at the SCCH. Says Dr Klaus Pirklbauer, commercial CEO of the SCCH: "12% of our staff are women.  For us it is very important to encourage more women to work in software research. To that end we take every opportunity, such as the Long Night of Research and Girls' Study Day, to make ourselves known."

The scientific CEO, Dr Klaus-Dieter Schewe, adds: "We want to grow still further and become more international.  In future we would like to be seen as potential partners for a larger circle of businesses outside Austria."

The anniversary celebrations were attended by a large number of prominent guests of honour.