10. August 2021

LCM: Upper Austrian Award for the Promotion of Women – MINT Future Innovation Award

58 projects, organizations, institutions, companies and individuals applied for the first award presented by the Upper Austrian government for the promotion of women under the motto “Strong women. Strong province". Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH (LCM) landed a special award in the MINT future innovation category for its commitment to the promotion of women.

The number of women working in technological research and development is still very low. For this reason, LCM specifically targets predominantly young women for support with their education or careers. Young women aged 15 and above can take part in a work experience programme as an introduction to the world of technology. Female students can work at LCM during their studies. Female engineers have interesting opportunities for development. Stage of life guidance makes it possible to adapt working hours to family requirements and management staff can work part-time. In this way, LCM aims to enable women to contribute their skills in every job and at every level of the company hierarchy as a matter of course. To arouse and promote interest in technology in women at an early stage, LCM has supported the FiT scheme at the Johannes Kepler University Linz for many years and offers work experience for girls at secondary school.

(c) Province of Upper Austria / Grilnberger