02. September 2015

Platform KIC AVM Austria Holds Discussions with MEP Dr. Paul Rübig

On the initiative of Upper Austrian Research GmbH, the Austrian platform KIC AVM (Knowledge Innovation Community Added Value Manufacturing) met Dr. Paul Rübig, a member of the European Parliament, for a discussion on coordination at UAR on 31/08/2015. The platform took the opportunity to present the initiative and the current status of the preparations for the planned Submission.

The task of the planned KIC AVM is the re-industrialisation and boosting of the production sector by exploiting the synergies created by the knowledge triangle of "research - business innovation - education" and the training of highly-qualified personnel (specialists) at every level in the production sector.


Left to right: Gerda Hinterreiter (UAR); Johann Baldinger (Upper Austria Economic Chamber); Christian Zwickl-Bernhard (KIC AVM Austria); Dr. Markus Dibold, MBA (LCM); Josef Fürlinger (RIC); Klaus Oberreiter, MBA (UAR); Prof. Detlef Gerhard (KIC AVM Austria); Herbert Pilch (KIC AVM Austria); Dr. Paul Rübig, MEP; Dr. Wilfried Enzenhofer, MBA (CEO, UAR)