26. August 2020

Profactor: Digital Platform for Zero-Defect Production

To remain competitive and maintain its leading position in manufacturing, industry in Europe must be able to manufacture high-quality products and to increase productivity while keeping costs low. The spread of new digital solutions along the production process chain which aim to make production more efficient means that manufacturing industry is undergoing a period of major change. The project “Zero-Defects-Manufacturing Platform” (ZDMP) aims to attain outstanding performance in manufacturing by means of zero-defect processes and products. On the project, PROFACTOR, along with 30 European partners from research and industry, is creating a digital platform for connected intelligent factories.

Development of the requisite applications takes account of the latest technological approaches and is based on commercial standards, solid open-source software or existing software from the field of zero-defect production. At the heart of the innovative integration concept are field-proven and integrated technologies. The software (applications) integrated on the digital platform will support end users with production processes and improve product quality. End users can use the ZDMP core services with zero-defect applications that are already commercially available.

PROFACTOR is heading the “process quality assurance” section. At the start of the project, significant use cases for end users and the market will be defined. In cooperation with three partners machine learning methods will be developed and applied on the basis of digital models of manufacturing plants and manufacturing processes. In addition, process-monitoring sensors for quality assurance will be further developed and deployed for the particular use cases defined in the project. These newly developed applications will support the construction and design of future manufacturing plants as well as the monitoring of the manufacturing processes in order to reduce the risk of process errors relating to equipment, materials and energy to a minimum.