26. March 2019

PROFACTOR Wins JEC World Innovation AWARD

JEC in Paris is the world’s biggest trade fair for composites. Every year, awards are presented to companies for the most innovative projects in the field of composite materials. To win a JEC Innovation Award, projects must act as partners in the value creation chain, achieve a technological advance or enable commercial applications of innovations. Ten innovation champions were selected from the entries at JEC in Paris. PROFACTOR won the JEC World Innovation AWARD for an automatic inline inspection system that enables continuous monitoring of the production process for large carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRP) such as aircraft components.

 PROFACTOR increases quality assurance efficiency for lightweight components in the aircraft industry

The ZAero project coordinated by PROFACTOR won the JEC World Innovation Award in the Aerospace Processes category. Together with seven partners on the ZAero project, PROFACTOR developed methods for an automatic inline inspection system that enables continuous monitoring of the production processes for large carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRP). Large CFRP components such as aircraft components are manufactured in complex laying and curing processes. A large proportion of the production time is spent checking the components to ensure fault-free manufacture. Inspections conducted during the production process cause outage times and reduce efficiency. With the inspection system that has been developed, defects can be prevented or immediately remedied. This increases efficiency by 30–50%.

PROFACTOR helps develop European platform for zero-defect production

On the basis of these activities, PROFACTOR is adding to its expertise in the strategic field of “zero defects manufacturing” in a new European research project in which a platform for zero-defect applications for the support of industry is being developed.

Since the beginning of January, 30 European partners have been working on the Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform (ZDMP), a project funded by the EU and with a budget of EUR 19 million. The project is developing a digital platform with corresponding apps that aims to achieve excellence in manufacture through zero-defect processes and products.

The ZDMP project combines the very latest technological approaches on the basis of commercial standard or open-source software with an open development approach and app store. It focuses on process and product quality modules for quality issues in preproduction, production and post-production to ensure that manufacturers can guarantee the complete absence of defects.

Photo: PROFACTORians Sebastian Zambal and Christian Eitzinger accepting the JEC World Innovation Award.

(C) Profactor