06. November 2015

RECENDT Adds Top Physicist to its Team and Increases Customer Orientation

The Linz research company RECENDT is an internationally respected centre for the non-destructive characterization and testing of materials. The focus is on optics and acoustics — and the customer!

In early November, RECENDT modified its organizational structure, and succeeded in securing the services of a widely respected specialist, Dr. Gernot Fasching, in the process.

Reacting to current market requirements, a new section, Business Development, was created at the Linz research company RECENDT in early November. This department is dedicated entirely to meeting customers' needs. In the two technology sections, Optics and Acoustics, research and development is carried out on a wide range of methods of non-destructive testing, quality assurance and analysis of materials.

With these methods, RECENDT serves many different branches of industry and supplies innovative solutions for the quality assurance of materials of all kinds. The spectrum ranges from fault detection in metals processing to process optimization in the chemicals industry, while the company's solutions are applied in food and pharmaceuticals production, the aviation and automotive industries, in polymers and plastics, and in wood processing.

Photo, left to right: The new management team at RECENDT: Gernot Fasching (Area Manager Optics), Jürgen Roither (Area Manager Acoustics), Peter Burgholzer (CEO), Christan Hofer (Area Manager Business Development & Technical Development), © RECENDT

Photo 2: Dr. Gernot Fasching brings his expertise to the RECENDT management team, © RECENDT