14. December 2016

RECENDT: Industrial-Robot-Guided Laser-Ultrasonic Quality Assurance

Culmination of the HIVOFLEX Project: Industrial-Robot-Guided Laser-Ultrasonic Quality Assurance

Following a development phase of almost two years, a practical demonstration of a prototype probe was held on the premises of the firm of Gill in Gurten at the end of November. In the project, a probe based on laser ultrasonic technology was developed, manufactured and subjected to a non-destructive industrial-robot-guided quality inspection.

Specifically, the dimensions (diameter) of the weld points on a car body were measured and their quality ascertained. Laser ultrasonics makes it possible to distinguish between a satisfactory weld, a loose weld, zinc-splice and a burnt weld. During the demonstration, laser ultrasonics was explained in more detail to the interested visitors from industry and its practical use as a testing technology in production processes was shown.

HIVOFLEX is the abbreviation of the “High-Volume-High-Flexible-Automotive-Production” project which is funded by the FFG, concerns production of the future and was conducted in association with the partners MAGNA Steyr, Fill and RECENDT. The project’s primary objective is the development, simulation and validation of high-volume, highly flexible concepts for automobile production with substantial productivity increases and using quality assurance technologies geared towards zero-flaw production. The project pursues the aim of significantly cutting the risks and ramp-up times of high-volume series production while at the same time enabling highly flexible production of the highest quality.