15. August 2015

RECENDT: Quality Control for the Light Metals Industry

A research partnership is developing innovative solutions for saving energy in a wide variety of production steps in lightweight construction.

Production processes in the light metals industry should be more environment-friendly and less costly in future. Energy consumption during production and the amount of rejects should also be reduced. In lightweight construction, the casting process at the beginning of the process chain is particularly energy-intensive. The project is therefore looking into innovative ways of cutting energy consumption in as many stages of production as possible.

This challenge is being tackled by RECENDT with the MEEE-PRO-CAST project (Methods for developing energy-efficient process alternatives for light metal founding) in cooperation with the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). The aim is to develop theoretical principles for increasing the energy-efficiency of production processes in the light metals industry. MEEE-PRO-CAST is being carried out as part of the funding scheme "Regionale Wettbewerbsfähigkeit OÖ 2007-2013" ("Regional Competitiveness Upper Austria 2007-2013) run by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the province of Upper Austria.

In this project, RECENDT is developing measuring methods based on laser ultrasound (LUS) with the aim of enabling online inspection of particular process parameters during the founding procedure. Unlike conventional ultrasound meters, LUS allows samples to be checked at a great distance, which makes it ideal for hot samples. This makes it possible to detect cracks (e.g. hot cracks) during the process, enabling the casting parameters to be immediately amended and the fault rate reduced. With this innovative technology, energy consumption and emissions are cut.

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