02. December 2014

RISC Software GmbH Introduces New Virtual Neurosurgery Simulator

Project manager Johannes Dirnberger on the simulator / © RISC Software GmbH, Dept. of Medical Informatics

The research department of medical informatics at RISC Software GmbH presents a newly-developed simulator for neurosurgical aneurysm operations for the first time at this year's conference of the Austrian Neurosurgery Society in Vienna. The project team is collaborating with the Wagner-Jauregg Provincial Neuropsychiatric Clinic, Linz General Hospital and clip manufacturers Aesculap AG on the development of a force-feedback training simulator for so-called clipping operations under the FFG BRIDGE scheme. The current development prototype has met with great interest from specialists in the field who have already judged it very realistic. The researchers from Hagenberg have come up with a system that also compares favourably with the "NeuroTouch" simulator made by the Canadian research centre. The million-dollar project from Canada specialises in tumour and tissue resection. But what it does not offer is the chance to train clipping operations, and this presents the Hagenberg simulator with a great opportunity. The medical informatics experts at RISC Software GmbH can also offer their solution at a much lower price than their competitors in Canada, much to the satisfaction of medical professionals. Once the project has been completed the simulator will be installed first in the Wagner-Jauregg Provincial Neuropsychiatric Clinic and the Aesculap Academy for the training of young neurosurgeons.

Presentation of the virtual neurosurgery simulators at the ÖGNC