13. September 2015

RISC Software: Intelligent Transportation Systems Gaining in Importance

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According to the 2015 transport and traffic management report published by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are becoming increasingly important. RISC Software GmbH is conducting a project named "ITS Oberösterreich" and therefore playing an active role in this development.

The transport and traffic management report states: "Intelligent transportation systems aim to achieve the best possible coordination and technological interconnection of all users of transport networks. Key to intelligent transportation systems is real-time transmission to all network users of precise data and information necessary for decisions. Services of a high quality should be provided to ITS users to ensure the infrastructure is used in the most efficient way possible. An improved traffic flow should prevent traffic jams and their negative impact. The use of intelligent transportation systems is expected to contribute considerably to greater efficiency, greater safety on the roads and less pressure on the environment through reduced traffic congestion. Goods transportation and logistics also favour integral solutions that cover the entire logistics chain."

RISC Software GmbH plays an active role in the advancement and wider distribution of intelligent transportation systems by virtue of its involvement in the development and current trial operation of ITS Oberösterreich ("ITS OÖ"), the real-time traffic situation monitoring service of the province of Upper Austria. Since January 2014, the current situation on the roads has been reported to the VAO, the Austrian traffic information service, making it accessible to everyone in Austria. The VAO makes route information for most modes of transport available from a central source. This platform is regarded as a groundbreaking initiative in Europe for the supply of multimodal traffic information.

The project manager of ITS OÖ, Martin Samal, states that "business and industry are also showing increasing interest in real-time traffic information in order to increase the precision of transport and logistics planning within their companies. Pilot projects to this end are currently under way. eCall, an automatic system for sending calls to emergency services which it will be mandatory to install in all new vehicles from March 2018, will increase the general public's awareness of ITS."

The transport and traffic management report Verkehrstelematikbericht 2015 is available as a download on the website of the Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) at https://www.bmvit.gv.at/service/publikationen/verkehr/gesamtverkehr/downloads/ivsbericht2015.pdf (external link, German only).