27. November 2020

RISC Software & SCCH: Jury’s Award for Innovation as a Business Model

Newsadoo, a Linz start-up, wins the Upper Austrian Innovation Award for 2020 in the “Innovation as a Business Model” category. The prize is awarded by the Upper Austrian government and Business Upper Austria. Newsadoo provides tailored news content for end consumers with the aid of a transparent and intelligent news algorithm.

As one reason for the award the judges cited the research project TIDE which is currently being carried out with SCCH and RISC Software as research partners and with the support of the FFG. “TIDE” stands for “transparent, intelligent, diverse, European news recommendation algorithm” and the project focuses on the development of the most innovative European news algorithm.

Even if they use several terminals, users always access the same core which then learns from their behaviour what type of news they want to read and when, in which situation and with which device.

(c) Newsadoo GmbH