15. December 2015

RISC Software: Standardized Road Traffic Monitoring for Austria

In the EVIS AT project, a standardized and high-quality traffic situation monitoring service for most of the motorways, dual carriageways and major roads in all of Austria is being developed. The project receives support from the Climate and Energy Fund.

All over Austria, efforts are being made to collect real-time information on road traffic and use it to generate an up-to-the-minute traffic overview. The progress made on this in the individual federal provinces varies. The EVIS AT project now aims to develop a standardized and high-quality traffic monitoring service for the whole of Austria. The project is scheduled to run from 2015 to 2020.

Every Austrian province with the exception of Vorarlberg is participating in the EVIS AT project. Other project members include the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the motorway operator ASFINAG, ITS Vienna Region, Salzburg Research and the automobile association ÖAMTC. Commissioned by the province of Upper Austria, RISC Software GmbH and Logistikum Steyr as operative representatives are working on the project. The preparatory work for this undertaking was done in ITS Oberösterreich (Intelligent Transportation Systems Upper Austria). EVIS AT receives funding from the Climate and Energy Fund.

The standardized road traffic overview will be placed on the Austrian traffic information service Verkehrsauskunft Österreich (VAO) where it is available to everyone in Austria free of charge. The VAO makes route information for most modes of transport available from a central source. This platform is regarded as a groundbreaking initiative in Europe for the supply of multimodal traffic Information.