25. October 2016

RISC Software: Virtual Aneurysm Project Wins Upper Austria’s 2016 Innovation Award

On 19 October the province of Upper Austria conferred its award for innovation for the 23rd time. Prizes were awarded for the most innovative products and services in a total of four categories, and two jury awards were also presented. The jury’s award for radical innovations was won by the FFG BRIDGE research project “Virtual Aneurysm” that was successfully completed in 2015 by the medical informatics department at RISC Software GmbH.

In the research project, the company developed a simulator for trainee neurosurgeons in collaboration with its consortium partners Wagner-Jauregg Provincial Neuropsychiatric Clinic (now NeuroMed Campus of the Kepler Universitätsklinikum), Linz General Hospital (now MedCampus III of the KUK) and the German firm of Aesculap. With the simulator, so-called clipping operations on the open skull can be practised. The software developed by RISC Software GmbH produces a model of the human brain’s artery tree and enables haptic interaction with the virtual arteries. Authentic surgical instruments were installed on haptic technology devices so that the trainee surgeon can simulate the operation under realistic conditions. A 3D stereo display is also used to provide better visuals. Over the next two years, further developments will be carried out on the research findings in conjunction with the Canadian simulator manufacturer OSSIM Technologies to produce a marketable product and subsequently market it worldwide.

Photo: left to right: Werner Pamminger (CEO Business Upper Austria), award winner Johannes Dirnberger (Senior Researcher RISC Software GmbH), Meinhard Lukas (Rector of the Johannes Kepler University Linz), award winner Wolfgang Freiseisen (CEO RISC Software GmbH), Upper Austrian Economy Minister Dr. Michael Strugl © Province of Upper Austria/Sandra Schauer