23. November 2020

SAL & LCM: IoT and AI Go Together Like the Chicken and the Egg

IoT (the Internet of Things) and AI (artificial intelligence) could be said to go together like the chicken and the egg. Artificial intelligence uses machine learning to turn data from the IoT into useful information, while the IoT adds value to AI through its connections and data exchange. The symbiosis of these two technologies (AIoT) is thus the next rung on the evolutionary ladder and is the aim of the InSecTT project being carried out by a consortium of leading international research institutions.

52 eminent partners from a total of 12 countries have joined forces on the European InSecTT (Intelligent Secure Trustable Things) initiative with the aim of bringing artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things closer together (AIoT). The aim is to create a basis for developing intelligent, secure and trustable systems for use in industry.

InSecTT has the objective of creating trust in AI-based intelligent systems and solutions. The systems should not appear to be a kind of “black box”; instead it should be possible to trust them and explain them. The project promotes cooperation between large industrial companies in various branches, a number of highly innovative SMEs dotted all over Europe and cutting-edge research and science organizations, including two members of the UAR Innovation Network – LCM and SAL and the JKU.

It covers a wide spectrum of areas of application such as infrastructure, the construction industry, manufacture, the automotive and aeronautics industries, railways, public transport, shipping and health. The initiative aims to establish the EU with its industrial expertise increasingly as a hub for intelligent, secure and trustable systems for industrial applications and to facilitate the emergence of products and services based on artificial intelligence that are in line with Europe’s fundamental values and the principle of quality and trust associated with the “Made in Europe” label.

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