17. November 2016

SCCH Autumn Event: An Evening of Modern Architecture and Music

On 7 November 2016 the Software Competence Center Hagenberg (SCCH) hosted its annual autumn event at the Anton Bruckner Private University. The invited guests, who numbered around 100, took part in an architectural guided tour and were then treated to a music recital.

Local industry chooses software research from Hagenberg

“Direct and personal contact with our customers is of paramount importance to us,” says Dr. Klaus Pirklbauer, CEO. “It is indispensable for developing optimum solutions. Target-oriented research gives our customers advantages on the international market, especially in economically difficult times.” The reciprocal transfer of knowledge and skills and the close cooperation on research projects with practical relevance have led to a significant increase in know-how in small, medium-sized and large companies.

Industry 4.0, the topic of the future

“In future we’ll be devoting ourselves to the subject of modelling with a particular focus on the SysML modelling language,” says Dr. Schewe, scientific head at the SCCH. Industry 4.0 and systems engineering are closely linked because flawless communication between individual systems is a prerequisite of Industry 4.0. Additionally, the data flows must function perfectly without any human input. To achieve this, products and production processes have to be modelled in such a way that their workability can be demonstrated. The challenge is how to describe the modelled systems so that their composition can be understood. “The methods of systems engineering are already being used for bridge construction, robotics and software integration, for instance,” Schewe explains.

Scientific expansion

Thanks to close cooperation with its scientific partners, research of the very highest quality is being conducted at the SCCH. “We maintain regular contact with our scientific partners, both in Austria and other countries,” says Schewe. In 2016 we have held two international conferences in Linz which helped us to raise our international profile.” In May 2017 a Software Research Day is also being planned at which Industry 4.0 will again be a key topic.


Photo 1, left to right: Dr. Klaus Pirklbauer and Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Schewe presented the goals and visions for 2017

Photo 2: Gerhard Raab at the impressive organ