24. May 2019

SCCH: Intelligent Rear-view Mirror Increases Safety on Public Transport

Despite the many safety precautions in place, serious accidents with public transport are a recurring problem, often as a result of carelessness on the part of passengers. In future, though, train drivers will be able to keep an even closer eye on safety. Victims of accidents with public transport are often people who find themselves outside the safe zones for passengers, either due to their own negligence or the actions of others. So far, drivers have not had sufficient tools to recognize dangerous situations in time and react to them quickly.

In future, a rear-view mirror fitted with artificial intelligence – RAILEYE – will guarantee even greater levels of safety. With RAILEYE, the driver will not only have the field of vision afforded by conventional rear-view mirrors, but will also know what is in the blind spot. The artificial intelligence informs him or her which persons or objects are in the danger zone. Previously, with conventional rear-view mirrors, drivers had to assume that all safety instructions were being followed. The intelligent rear-view mirror now offers tremendous assistance to drivers with assessing dangerous situations.

The Hagenberg-based research centre Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH developed the mirror as a research partner of AVI SYSTEMS GmbH which, as experts for safety solutions for transportation, have successfully incorporated the technology into a marketable product. The development is making extremely good progress: another research project aims to make it possible to predict people’s behaviour in future so that persons at risk in traffic situations can be detected even more quickly.

(c) AVI Systems GmbH