25. January 2018

SCCH Participates in "ALOHA” project

The kick-off meeting for ALOHA took place on 25 January 2018 at the University of Cagliari in Sardinia.

Current neural network architectures for artificial intelligence may be very powerful, but they are also highly complex and require intensive computing. However, many applications in industry, medical engineering and security are based on so-called embedded systems which offer limited scope for implementing algorithms.

The ALOHA team is researching technologies in which such hardware limitations can already be taken into account at the design stage. The team includes research institutions of international repute such as the University of Cagliari, ETH Zurich, the University of Amsterdam and prominent industrial partners such as IBM Israel and CA Technologies.

Austria is also well represented in ALOHA by Software Competence Center Hagenberg (SCCH) for algorithmic aspects and the firm of PKE with a use case in the field of security management.

The ALOHA project team

Photo© SCCH
Participants from SCCH: Dr. Bernhard Moser (front right, white trousers); Dr. Thomas Hoch (3rd right, 2nd row)
Participants from PKE: Souza Ribeiro Adriano (1st right, 2nd row), Werner Kloihofer (2nd right, 2nd row)

For more information, visit www.aloha-h2020.eu