22. January 2020

Silicon Austria Labs: Constitution of the Supervisory Board

On January 10th this year, the Supervisory Board (SVB) of Silicon Austria Labs began its activities. “This is the next significant step towards further development and professionalisation of SAL. The owners expect SAL to develop into an important center for development in Electronic Based Systems in Austria and Europe. This means that the company will continue to pursue an ambitious growth course”, says Ingolf Schädler, chairman of the Supervisory Board.

“I can assure you that the Supervisory Board, as a link between management and owners, will accompany the company on this ambitious path with great respect but also great knowledge and expertise.”

From left to right: Christa Bock (BMF, SVB), Gerd Holzschlag (SFG, SVB), Ingrid Rabmer (UAR, SVB), Markus Hornböck (BABEG, SVB), Lothar Roitner (FEEI, Deputy Chairman SVB), Ingolf Schädler (BMVIT consultant, chairman SVB), Werner Luschnig (SAL Executive Director), Natalie Michulec (BMVIT, SVB), Martin Stutzmann (TU München, SVB)

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