17. August 2015

Strategic Programme "Innovatives OÖ 2020" Set for Success

"Innovatives OÖ 2020" for a leading industrial region in Europe

To make Upper Austria a leading industrial region in Europe by means of technology leadership - that is one of the most important objectives of the strategic business and research programme "Innovatives OÖ 2020" launched in early 2014 and scheduled to run until 2020. The pooling of resources in the business, education and research sectors creates a strategic competitive advantage that sets Upper Austria apart from other regions. A total of EUR 700 million has been invested in the projects currently being carried out. 

From left: Economy minister Dr. Michael Strugl, research minister Doris Hummer and Günter Rübig, chairman of the Upper Austrian Council for Research and Technology at the press conference

Research and Education

Subsidised Projects have Eightfold Leverage

"Since the strategic business and research programme 'Innovatives OÖ 2020' was launched at the beginning of 2014, the province of Upper Austria has invested a total of approximately EUR 115 million in the education and research sectors," says Minister Doris Hummer. "This equates to around 100 subsidised projects. What is impressive is the impact these projects have: the 21 funded COMET centres and research institutes alone conducted 1,400 research projects. The 21 research projects initiated by the province of Upper Austria as cooperative projects have made it possible to fund 231 individual projects. "In the business-related research segment alone this triggered investment of approximately EUR 346 million. This shows that with funds granted by the province of Upper Austria a leverage effect of 1:8 can be achieved for investment in R&D."

Research Expenditure up by Over 40% Since 2009
According to figures collected by Statistik Austria, Upper Austria's investment in research of 3.17% of the total budget (2013) far exceeds both the Austrian and EU averages. It represents an increase of 41% since 2009! Further, "In research, we see the greatest potential in the increase of innovative work done on projects conducted jointly by science and industry," says Minister Hummer. "In consequence, research and development in Upper Austria should be intensified primarily in those sectors in which Upper Austrian companies specialise. We must identify the trends of the future together and meet them promptly with new technologies."

Research Budget Tripled
Research minister Doris Hummer stresses that with the start of the new business and research programme, a specific funding agreement relating to the increase of the research budget until 2020 was reached: from 2013 to 2020 the province of Upper Austria will increase its research budget threefold!

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