14. May 2019

UAR @ “JKU Mathematics: A Presentation of Top-level Research”

The Computational Mathematics doctoral programme and Upper Austrian Research GmbH (UAR) jointly organized an event that provided an overview of the research being conducted by five large-scale JKU mathematics projects.

Brief glimpses were offered into the range of mathematical research and its applications in industry, medicine, finance and particle physics. The mathematics initiatives are carried out by several institutes and universities with support from the Austrian Science Fund FWF, the government of Upper Austria, the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Johannes Kepler University.

Guests of honour were Prof. Alexander Egyed, vice-rector of the JKU; Prof. Klement Tockner, president of the FWF; Markus Achleitner of the Upper Austrian government; and Dr. Wilfried Enzenhofer, CEO of Upper Austrian Research GmbH. In their addresses, Mr Achleitner, president Tockner and vice-rector Egyed all agreed that research is needed at all levels and that good and intensive basic research is necessary to boost the economy and promote innovation.

They stressed that it is advisable to place research on an international footing and that doctoral candidates are the backbone of science. Vice-rector Egyed emphasized the fact that mathematics is one of the areas of excellence at the JKU which encompasses not only the Computational Mathematics doctoral programme but also the other large-scale projects that were presented: the national research network “Geometry + Simulation” and the special research areas of quasi-Monte Carlo methods, algorithmic and enumerative combinatorics, and tomography across scales.

(c) Andreas Röbl Fotografie