28. April 2017

Upper Austrian Research @ the 2017 Hannover Messe

HANNOVER MESSE is the global hotspot for Industry 4.0. This year, non-university research in Upper Austria was successfully represented for the fifth time. On the trade fair stand of Upper Austrian Research GmbH (UAR), the leading company for research in Upper Austria, eight Upper Austrian research companies presented their high-tech solutions in the field of Industry 4.0 to a large international audience.

“To be among the leaders in the digital race, and to maintain this position long-term as an innovative industry location, innovation is the best – if not the only – answer,” says Dr. Wilfried Enzenhofer, MBA, CEO of UAR. “The research companies in Upper Austria make a huge contribution to this and support business and industry in their innovation strategies as expert partners,” he adds.

Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH (LCM), in which UAR has shares, has been nominated for the coveted Hermes Award 2017. This underlines in a very impressive manner the high level of expertise and innovative potential of Upper Austrian research companies. LCM was nominated for the development of a digital twin for a fully automated panel bender produced by the firm of Salvagnini Maschinenbau GmbH. Digital twins are detailed real-time simulation models of systems that are calculated parallel to actual operation. The technology includes the MAC 2.0 automatic material identification system which automatically detects the parameters of materials and adjusts the bending process accordingly. This means that parts are manufactured precisely as required from the very beginning and in batch size 1.

Another innovation presented at Hannover Messe Industrie for the first time was smart glasses which support specialists when they perform complex welding steps. This augmented reality system was developed by SCCH in association with an Upper Austrian industrial firm. The individual steps in welding are extremely complex, must be carried out manually and require utmost precision. During the work, the smart glasses supply all the necessary information about the material and provide detailed instructions for each step. In addition, the welder settings can be adjusted by moving the head. Consequently, the engineers always have their hands free to do the work.

Besides these examples, many other innovative solutions were on show at the UAR stand:
intelligent assistance robots that offer enormous flexibility, new methods of predictive analytics and predictive maintenance with which processes and maintenance strategies can be optimized, modern techniques of non-destructive quality assurance, innovative materials in the metals and polymer sectors and new methods of manufacture and recycling.

A cooperative project with the Ars Electronica Futurelab from Linz, the “Shadowgram”, proved an interactive highlight and drew the crowds to the stand. Visitors could have shadow images of themselves made which were cut out by a vinyl cutter as they watched. These were then put on display on the Industry 4.0 exhibition wall along with visitors’ personal thoughts on the foremost technology trends in industry. In this way, during the trade fair a living image of the future of industry was pieced together that can be regarded as a trend barometer.

©: UAR / Iris Klöpper