Wood K plus has been engaged in gender activities for many years with the aim of promoting girls and young women. These activities include mentoring young (female) talents, the annual “Girls Day”, the annual “Science4 Girls” and summer internships through the FEMTech programme for high school and tertiary level female students. Since 2011, 69 students and 38 high school pupils have taken part in this work experience.

A good example of how these activities achieve a long-term impact is shown by the report written by one of this year’s participants about her experiences. 

Report by Sophia about her work experience:
During a school trip when I was at primary school I was amazed to see that the building with the logs that I always went past on my way to Klagenfurt had laboratories in it where a lot of research was going on and that it wasn’t FunderMax at all. This left such a positive impression on me that, years later, I decided to do the work experience that is a compulsory part of my degree course at Wood K plus even though my studies don’t actually have much to do with wood. This decision was also influenced by the recommendations of family friends whose daughters had found their internships at the company valuable.

So I did my work experience at Wood K plus in July 2022, and have only good things to tell others about it in future. On my very first day there I was given details about the company itself as well as the partner company involved in the project that I was going to be working on. This partner company is F/List, and my job was to make wood veneers flexible or pliable. This involved delignifying the veneers, then dry-pressing and subsequently polymerizing them. I was really pleased to find that I was to spend most of my time in the wet chemical lab.

I’m very happy and grateful that the staff gave me a good grounding in all the processes and procedures and always helped me when I had questions or when things weren’t clear, and that I nevertheless had the chance to work independently.

Overall, the internship was a fantastic experience. It was my first experience of the world of scientific work and I learned a lot. I was made to feel welcome from the get-go, and it’s nice to work in a very pleasant working atmosphere. Many thanks for this valuable time that taught me so much.

Bild ©Wood K Plus