On 1 April 2022 the FemTech project entitled WOOD4ALL - Chancengleichheit und Frauenförderung (equal opportunities and promotion of women) was launched at Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH.

Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH (Wood K plus) has been a pioneer of equal opportunities and gender competence in technological research institutions for many years. A hallmark of Wood K plus is its innovative corporate culture, and the company repeatedly grasps the nettle of current challenges, whether these concern technological issues, its ongoing development as an organization or its employees.

The project WOOD4ALL is intended to bolster gender and diversity competence at Wood K plus and steer it in a new direction by selecting a balanced mix of components from the project’s module options promotion of women, equal opportunities and gender equality plan.

Some of the planned project activities are described below:
Video clips and interactive workshops for all staff members will increase and consolidate gender competence at Wood K plus. With the aid of an external female expert, specific questions and topics relating to gender competence and diversity will be prepared and presented.

The existing family-friendly schemes and opportunities that offer employees a better work-life balance will be highlighted more clearly and critically reviewed by external analysts. The improvements achieved by this process towards a more family-oriented personnel policy will be available to women and men alike and will increase employer attractiveness for both existing and future employees.

Meetings with external woman mentors – role models from industry and science – will give female employees at Wood K plus the opportunity for intensive personal discussions with successful women about their career paths and will promote the establishment of a women’s network. 

Modular training courses are planned for new and current executives that will encourage women in particular to add to their skills and qualifications and take on management positions. These courses will also include specific aspects relating to gender, diversity and equal opportunities. The programmes offered by the WOOD4ALL project (executive training, gender and diversity awareness) constitute high-quality training opportunities which will be available to all employees regardless of their gender, age, skin colour or ethnic background, and will increase the proportion of women in management positions.

An equal opportunities plan, which will allow the measurement, evaluation and sustainable management of measures taken to support equal opportunities and the promotion of women, will also be created as part of the WOOD4ALL project.

Project details:
Duration: 1 April 2022 to 31 December 2023
Programme: FemTech careers, exploit talents: equal opportunities
Funding agency: FFG

Photo: iStock/Devenorr