04. December 2020

Wood K plus Promotes Young Talents with WOOD BE BETTER

Enthusiasm for research and experimenting often begins at a young age. Since the summer of 2020 the Wood K plus research centre has been coordinating the “Wood be better!” project which offers children and young people a chance to discover research in a modern and stimulating way by means of exploratory learning, experiments and hands-on excursions.

The children do fascinating hands-on and minds-on activities on innovative topics relating to wood as a natural resource and a material to work with and develop easily accessible “science to go” concepts along with teachers, researchers and technicians. This ensures that the subject becomes a long-term matter of interest to schools (“science-to-go!” school), for activities at home and to the general public (at the Long Night of Research, for example) and at the same time shows the opportunities that exist for training and careers in applied research in areas related to the wood industry.

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